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To All My Valued Clients:

I hope you are well and enjoying your summer! It’s been a beauty so far!

I am writing now to share with you some big news, so I will get right to it. My family and I have made the decision to sell our home and move out of state, to North Carolina. I will be closing my business in the fall, exact date to be determined, but most likely toward the end of October or beginning of November. Stay tuned for updates as it gets closer.

Three and a half years ago, I graduated massage school, took a leap of faith and opened my own business, not knowing how or if I would make it. I had no expectations.

Here I am today, thinking, not only did I make it, I have had the absolute pleasure of doing something I truly love, while meeting the most amazing people! You have been a true gift in my life and I will never forget any of you. Not only did you allow me to help you on your journey to better health, you helped me survive through a pandemic, and for that I am eternally grateful! Now it is time for my family and I to start a new chapter in our lives.

As for some house-keeping items. If you have a gift certificate, please reach out and get on the schedule asap. I will also be reaching out as well. I am currently searching for a massage therapist/s to refer to. Please let me know if this is of interest to you so that I can send you some names. I will send another update with an exact closing date in the near future. And lastly, if your travels find you in the Raleigh, NC area, stop by and say hi!!

Thank you all so much!

Stay well, Linda

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